Dad Dancing At Concert Doesn’t Realize He’s Being Filmed, Instantly Goes Viral

Updated December 15, 2017

Sometimes a song just moves you. In this man’s case, he was compelled to get up and dance and it’s no wonder why…the song, the Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back,” is almost impossible not to groove to. Lashea Battle took the footage of the man at a Janet Jackson concert, capturing his epic moves, and posted the video to Facebook, where it got hundreds of thousands of likes and shares and millions of views.

It’s no wonder, seeing as the guy pulls out a full choreographed performance, never missing a beat. He’s got some skills, for sure.

She posted the video with the most simple of explanations: “Homeboy was so serious I’m crying.” Honestly, what else is there to say?

Not surprisingly, people watching the video were totally won over, with comments such as:

“He has got the moves down to a science!!! Love it,” “This guy is gettin’ after it” and “Looks like the disco ball in AC, good for him he’s having a ball I would have been dancing right along next to him. Doesn’t it feel good sometimes to just let your hair down and enjoy life?”

The man was later identified as John Lawless, who found out just how exciting becoming a viral sensation is. He has written of his newfound fame on Facebook, with posts including:

“I would like to say thank you to all of you who appreciated my dancing. You all made my 50th b-day one I’ll never forget. God Bless” and “Someone else recorded me at the concert. I just was having a good time with me and MJ. I never thought the world was going join the dance. That’s is insane.”

In another post, he shared a clip of one of his radio interviews, writing:

“I can’t believe how much God’s favor has rained down upon me this year. Someone said my dancing made his dance. I am getting so blessed by this opportunity to meet other people I never would have met if not for this video explosion. Thank you Lord,for allowing me to be your servant in this.”

Lawless added:

“Please remember HE is no respector of persons what HE has done for me HE wants to do for you if you try to live by these 3 Basic Truths: 1) I can trust God no matter what, 2) I need to make the wise choice, 3) I should treat others the way I want to be treated. That’s the golden ticket. God Bless and thanks for sharing this journey with me.”

When one fan commented on his Facebook that he’s “living his best life,” Lawless responded: “Yes, I am very blessed in that regard, I am hoping that everyone else will take a page from this and do the same. God Bless.”

When another fan encouraged him to “keep it going,” Lawless responded: “Yes, I want to use this for as long as the audience will have me on living every day like there is no tomorrow. Thanks for sharing this journey with me. God Bless.”