Faith Hill Is Stunned When Her Husband Publicly Confessed Closely Guarded Secret

Updated December 16, 2017

A recent interview featuring Faith Hill and her husband Tim McGraw ended in shock when Tim confessed a revealing secret about their relationship. The interview started innocuously. The Associated Press asked the couple if they would speak to their reporters about their musical sound as a couple. McGraw and Hill quickly agreed to the opportunity to talk. This past year has been hectic for the country music couple. Faith and Tim have been on tour and have dropped an album where the two of them sing together.

The process of making the album had long been a secret. But during the Associated Press interview, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw both spilled the beans on what it was like to work with each other. And we weren’t the only ones stunned about what the couple revealed during the interview. Faith Hill herself was utterly shocked when Tim McGraw dared to utter the truth about their working relationship.

But first Faith Hill admitted that moments were challenging as she and McGraw worked through their duet album. And she went on to say that they had a few disagreements along the way but eventually everything got smoothed over and it all ended well. She also says that she has a superpower over McGraw in that she can always make him laugh. This skill works wonders to cut through tension and dissolve a fight before it ever happens. It’s a skill many couples wish they had more of, especially if they fight a lot.

Faith also admitted that she knows how to push Tim’s buttons. But what wife can’t push her husband’s buttons and vice versa? When you know someone as well as that, you also know what ticks them off, and sometimes the temptation is just too strong NOT to set them off.

Next, McGraw spoke about recording the album with his wife. He agreed that it was extremely challenging sharing the process with her. But it was also very rewarding. He also has a good sense of humor.

But then McGraw admitted something that made his wife’s face turn red. He told the reporter that he knew how to get Faith out of the recording booth in a matter of seconds.

As soon as he said this, his wife’s jaw dropped. She couldn’t believe that he would confess this in front of a national audience. She didn’t want the truth getting out about how bad Tim McGraw’s farts smell.

That’s right. Whenever Tim is tired of hearing Faith sing, he steps into the vocal booth and rips a stinky fart right next to her. It works so well. He keeps some gas in reserve. And if he’s expecting a long day of recording, he might even eat an extra serving of beans before she gets into the vocal booth.

Now that’s love. It takes a lot of courage to joke about farts in front of all your fans. But it also shows how strong Faith and Tim’s marriage is.

Watch their interview in the video below. It’ll make you chuckle!