Man Pulls Car Abruptly Over, Wife Realize What’s Happening; Grabs Her Camera

Updated November 18, 2017

Oftentimes, elderly people get ignored, and those who are younger fail to show compassion for the elderly’s inability to move as quickly as they once did. We’ve all heard that getting old is hard, but it’s even harder when no one offers help when needed. While we are taught at a young age to respect our elders, we get busy and we tend to forget how easy it is to lend a helping hand. It only takes a moment to brighten up someone’s day.

Chris Carter is a shining example of how you are supposed to treat the elderly. When an opportunity to help someone was right in front of him, Carter jumped at the chance to give up his time and lend a helping hand.

While Carter was out with his family, he saw an older man bent over while pushing a large lawnmower. The family had been in the middle of driving somewhere and Carter pulled over as soon as he saw the man.

Carter’s wife, Tara, pulled out her cell phone and recorded what her husband did next. Carter jumped out of the vehicle, walked over to the man and started pushing the mower himself, letting the man take a break.

Tara, floored by her husband’s kind gesture, shared the story on the Love Matters Facebook page.

“This is one of the many reasons I love my husband. As we are driving home with Kylie and Gage, Chris suddenly turns the jeep around and says, ‘Take the food home and come back and get me.’ I didn’t know what he had seen but said okay.”

At first, Tara was a little nervous, not knowing why her husband had a sudden change of plans, but when she saw what he was about to do, her heart is warmed.

“We pull up and Chris takes the push mower from this elderly gentleman. I pray that my son learns from this and randomly helps people do things like his father does.”

While this only took a few minutes of Carter’s time, it probably meant the world to the man who was struggling to push the mower.

We often forget how hard it can be to get old and have trouble doing the things that used to be so simple for us. We take for granted how easily our bodies move when we are young and agile.

Carter was a blessing to this man and he will probably always be remembered by him.

This gesture probably took about 30 minutes total. When you really think about it, that is such a small amount of time in a day and if we could all set aside 30 minutes a day to help someone else, it would make a huge difference in the world. And the bonus is that it always feels good to help out others.

Carter is setting a great example for his children and hopefully, they will learn to treat others the way their father does. When our children see us behave a certain way, they tend to mimic us, so it’s always best to set a good example.