Two Women Forget Cameras Are Rolling At The Cemetery, Vile Act Is Filmed. Cops Make Them Pay

Updated November 16, 2017

Although small towns across America try their best to be “normal,” they invariable house some strange and unusual people. Take New London, Ohio for instance. It may be a town of 2,300 people who know each other, but they don’t know every very well. While people say hello to their neighbors and know the gossip going around town, they don’t know every secret. While the town is very close-knit, they also share the same cemetery – and every family member who dies is buried there. That’s why this video footage shows two women doing an astonishing thing. The vandals have been stealing flowers off graves, vases and other little mementos. And they had no idea that the whole New London community was watching them steal on the security footage from Grove Street Cemetery. Check out this despicable crime below!

New London residents grew concerned when they realized that vandals were stealing from their local cemetery. They didn’t think it was a member of their own community – who would do that to their loved ones? One local resident even told Fox 8 how their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents were all buried at Grove Street Cemetery – and plenty of other residents have a similar story. Who would be disturbing the community’s resting place like this? Who was stealing from the graves of dead grandmas and grandpas? The Grove Street Cemetery had a duty to the community to find out. That’s why they reviewed the security footage.

One of the worst crimes committed was when the vandals stole a flower pot from a woman’s father’s grave that she placed there on Father’s Day in 1977.

A loss like that cannot be replaced with money.

In accord with the police, Grove Street Cemetery pulled their security footage and scoured it for signs of the thief. That’s when they saw a car roll up on the site. Two WOMEN emerge from the car and start ransacking the graves. They puck up everything worth anything from the site and put it into their car.

The two women are purposeful. They planned this theft and know what they want. It was almost like they were part of the community – perhaps they had even attended some of the funerals and knew what people had left near headstones. But to see it in action is sickening. These women have no respect for the dead or the families left behind.

Police quickly identified the two women. And the townspeople were outraged to learn the truth.

One of the vandals was a trusted community member. They knew the woman from the store, the gas station and just around town. They told her things about their families – and she had used the knowledge against them to steal.

In the video report below, you’ll see the two thieves and learn their stories. It is infuriating to think that a New London resident had the gall to steal from her neighbors like that.

What do you think about this criminal activity? What kind of punishment is apt for a grave thief?